Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Few Green Men!

I usually have the G-Boy or G-Girl of the week, but I decided to feature three very distinguished green gentlemen who are working hard to make the world a greener place. Plus I wanted to use the phrase A Few Green Men!
Al Gore: Climate Change Activist, Oscar winner and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work on An Inconvenient Truth. There is no limit to his achievements, his work has drawn the worlds attention to the danger of global warming.

Prince Charles: He has made a pledge for a "greener" royal lifestyle. He is switching his residences in Highgrove and Gloucstershire to green electricity and will replace private jets and helicopters with regular flights and trains. Passionate about organic farming Prince Charles co-authored with Charles Clover: An Experiment on Organic Gardening and Farming.

David Suzuki: I remember when I was younger, David Suzuki's "The Nature of Things would come on TV and I would yawn and beg my mom to change the channel. Now I sit up and Listen! A world renowned geneticist, academic and tireless broadcaster. His indefatigable effort through the David Suzuki foundation, has influenced many in the movement toward a greener lifestyle.

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