Friday, January 11, 2008

Green Sole!

Today on Fashion Friday!!
Exciting news for all you sneaker freaks! the new Air Jordan's are coming out at the end of this month and is going to have a green sole!!

Ecorazzi a green blog which talks about green celebrities and those who are not so green and which I love love love! posted on their site yesterday that the AJXX3 will be designed to reduce waste and use environmentally friendly materials. There will be no nasty ozone layer destroying glue, instead Nike will use an innovative new system of interlocking panels. The cost is $230 and will have a limited release on January 25th to 23 retailers who will receive 23 pairs and finally on Feb 23rd they will be available everywhere! So all you fly brothers...get on out there and Shop! Shop, I said! (Ok I know I know cheesy I was just paying a little homage to Salt n Pepa).

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