Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I so wish they had these candies when Michaela was little as a good mother I use to eat all her candy : ) and having organic, vegan and gluten free candy would have been amazing! I found all this yummy candy at the Natural Candy Store they have everything your sweet tooth can imagine! So this halloween treat kids to something thats sweet for them and sweet for the environment too!

Green Note: When you send you kids trick or treating send them with a reusable tote bag or an old pillow case, I actually did that as a kid and passed the tradition on to Michaela cuz who does't love luggin' home a sack of candies!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Lust! Emerald Green

Absolutely loving all the emerald green I am seeing on the streetstyle blogs. I even bought a coat that is black and emerald green which I will post soon! In the meantime get the look from my Etsy Shop.

images via Pinterest

Frugal Fashionista Friday.... Channeling 90's Grunge!

Boots Gortez 99euros Coach Bag Vintage $15
I am completely loving my sweater I bought form this adorable vintage shop Vintage Magpies. I covet all things that are aztec print and this sweater is perfect, oversized, great colors and the price was amazing 21.77 euros!!!! I paired it with my dress from Urban Outfitters which I hunted down from New York to Toronto. I Saw it in New York but felt it was too expensive ($100 n something) than found it on sale but they didn't have my size left grrrrrr. When I was visiting home in Toronto you betcha bottom dollar I made a bee line to Urban Outfitters and found it Hallelujah!!! for $19.99!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Eco Fashion Line to Lust For!!!

Titania Inglis

Be still my heart!!!!! I am constantly searching for eco-friendly clothing lines that put the myth to rest that eco-friendly fashion equates with granola crunchy Birkenstock and colorful MC Hammer pants! 

Titania Inglis perfect eco fashion label puts a to stop the naysayers! Honored for her work with the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in Sustainable Design. Titania wonderful minimalistic pieces are sewn in a small factory in New York......ahem! local props there! She uses sustainably sourced fabrics which include Japanese organic cotton, French vegetable tanned leather and dead stock wool from New York's garment industry. Absolutely J'adore this eco-line and am soooooo coveting the last dress for a Holiday look, it screams Christmas at the Manor!

New in My Etsy Shop.... Holiday Looks!

"Over 90 million items of clothing end up in land fill sites globally each year" Be a part of the solution not the pollution and shop sustainable fashion!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This n That! Home Sweet Home

My Humble Abode!

The Entryway Vintage Nic Nac Central!

A little Ode to Canada With the Beaver Target! and I love putting  plates on the wall

Vintage industrial lights the scissor light was a must!

I love horses if you can't tell the Pic was 2euros and the rackets  were 5 for the pair

The locker is the bain of Jakob's existence since he carried it with friends  up 5 flights of stairs

I'm a rock collector and I put them in my recycled jars with vintage tags written with the places we have been

Carmen was found in NY for $10 and the ashtray with my initial $4
Jewelry Box $10

His and Hers vintage tumblers as storage I got 3 for 3euros

That's my home in a nutshell! We will be moving to a bigger apartment with all of the old yummy goodness that I love crown moulding, cool floors so I wanted to give you a mini tour before we moved! 

Green Note: Vintage in your home is also a  affordable and great way to add eco fabulousness to your home!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get the Look... The Butterfly Effect!

Street Style to Sustainable Style

Jolie Juliette $19

ICU eco collection $21.95
Emma Ruth Vintage $34

Ananda Pascual Fair Trade Tube Skirt 40 Euros

Seventh Willow Handmade Cuff $55

Victoria Westbury 60's Rafia Purse $47.55

Scotch Naturals Hot Toddy $14.99

Office Bang on Court Nude Microsuede Shoes 45 Pounds

I love the creativity people put into their outfits, she has taken the 70's butterfly sequins disco top and put a ladylike twist that looks tres chic!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday!

As you may know I'm an avid surfer of pinterest for inspiration. My latest inspirational find was the perfect red coat. So with a determined stride I set off to Humana to hunt one down. The first location by Alexanderplatz yielded no results but the one closest to our house (which is the best by far) had exactly what I was looking for. A red oversized trench style wool coat, it was perfect and the price was the cherry on top 9euros!!!!!  AH-MAZING!

Through Etsy I met super sweet blogger Emily who has the cute and quirky blog hi my name is Pauline Fanny  I love her Working for the Weekend posts, its a serious throwback to movies of yesteryear. I had the pleasure of being featured on her bedazzled post, which is about featuring a vintage piece you love. I chose my horsey sweater I found way up in Canadialand for $30, please check it out when you have the chance : )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Green Seams Thursday....Fit for a Queen!

Beulah London

A favorite of Kate Middleton, Beulah is a chic ethical fashion line founded by two besties Natasha Rufus and Lavinia Brennan. Both had a life changing experience while working in Atulya an after care home in the Deli slums. After witnessing the harrowing effects of human trafficking and the sex trade the two put their heads together and came up with the amazing line Beulah which is symbolic of their philosophy "representing the journey of each women out of darkness and despair, into a life of hope and restoration." Through their efforts they help provide a sustainable livelihood to those that have come out of sex trafficking and every garment purchased comes with the Beulah tote which has been produced by the victims of trafficking in India.

Green has never looked better! #inspiration