Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The latest Dish!!!

Wondering what tiny step you could take to save our about saying no to paper towels and yes to using dish towels more often. I found these very convenient dish towels.....they can be buttoned anywhere! on Etsy where the world is your oyster for all handmade and vintage items the shop called From Ma with Love ( how sweet!) I am definitely ordering a couple they are a steal at $3!

A Rebel With A Green Cause!!!

How much do I love these Retro tote bags from Rebel Green an eco-friendly brand that marries the idea of chic and edgy perfectly. I love the fact that they have reusable produce bags cuz let's face it a) The clear plastic bags are really hard to open sometimes and b) They are just plain and simple bad for the environment! You have to check out their website for their full range of products they are amazing. Hmmm....I think I will use the pink tote for a house warming gift and fill it with eco friendly house products.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You are What you Eat!!!

I shudder to think how much lipstick I have ingested since I began to wear it in grade nine. I remember the popular shade that every girl wore. It was a vibrant red from Revlon, at the time it was lip smacking good! Fast forward to today, sitting with my morning tea reading the nytimes online I came across the article A Simple Smooch or a Toxic Smack. It discussed the amount of lead found in some lipsticks, especially the worst offender "L'Oreal Color Riche True Red" with a lead content of 0.65 parts/ mil. What is more shocking is there is no FDA standards that limits lead and other toxins found in our lipstick. It is left up to the manufacturers to decide the safety tests performed on the products.
Thank goodness for the growing demand for all things organic, I found this wonderful lipstick Nevy Eco made with safflower. beeswax, vitamin E and organic Castor oil sounds greentastic! What the lipstick doesn't have is parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances synthetic dyes, retrochemicals or phthalates. Finally a lipstick that is truly lip smacking good!!

It's been so long!!!

It has been a whirlwind year so far and I feel horrible for the neglect..... I do solemnly seriously I promise to be a good greeny because this light shade of green is just not kicking it. I'm so ashamed. But I still remember to unplug my phone charger if it is any consolation!