Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Glimpse into Our Lives......Getting Ready for Baby!

Well it has been a whirlwind and now we are really counting down the weeks and days!!!!! I have been experiencing some hardcore Braxton Hicks contractions which kinda suck! For the past few weekends we have been working on getting the Baby's room in order. Jakob and Michaela painted furniture transforming the drab brown dresser with a coat of white paint. Super excited for the Sebra Kili crib it looks perfect. The cloud mobile I made and look forward to putting the NY cutout print beside it once we get the frame. I am trying to keep most of the Baby's toys eco friendly ie wooden or cloth so her assortment of rattles are perfect! I am an avid reader and instilled this trait in Michaela and plan to with our new little angel, so a mini library is a must with my favorite english books as a child and Jakob's favorite german books as a child. We also went stroller shopping and made a big decision between the Bugaboo and the Joolz stay tuned :) Lastly we went on our baby moon at the Soho house and it was perfect we were upgraded to the largest room and it was such a lovely mini vacation!

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