Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Calling all Green Brides!

Today on Eco Wedding Wednesday.....and I am completely sure it is Wednesday today hahahahaha so embarrassed about that! Weddings can become very expensive and the best way to cut some costs is to source your materials through thrifting or vintage shopping. Finding old cutlery, plates, vintage linens or even a simple tea pot can add a lovely country feel to your special day. I really love the look of a vintage wine crate overflowing with flowers such a great idea and would look perfect as a center piece with yours and your husbands initials.

Green Note: Start collecting jars from sauces jams etc they look great with candles, flowers or even painted and plus saves you from further expense and as we know recycling is good for the environment :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who Wears Short Shorts!!!

 We wear short shorts!!! When they are done up like a technicolor dream! I love surfing through Etsy and finding cool shops so when I came across Kaleidoscope Eyes Vintage I instantly thought ahhhhh can't wait for summer!
I also thought this would be great for Up cycle Tuesday. I think it is brilliant how she has taken old jeans and given them a modern twist. This up cycle gets five stars from me!

Green Note: Before you throw out that old pair of jeans rethink how they would look as shorts with studs or dip dyed!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

With Time to Spare!

I checked out a Pair and a Spare.... I'm so cheesy sorry hahahahaha but couldn't resist. Welcome to Green Seams Thursday where I source all fashion that is filled with green goodness! Sorry for the missing post yesterday. I was a bit under the weather :( Back onto the topic though, I came across the talented Geneva of  A Pair and a Spare when I was daydreaming on Net-a-Porter hahaha. Once I went through her blog I was completely besotted and inspired! I knew I could take something from drab to fab and I did just that drum roll please..... I found these leather pants at a thrift store and breathed new life into them by cutting their legs off and turning them into these abfab shorts that I absolutely J'Adore!

Green Note: the next time your are in your local thrift store and you have the DIY bug look at the clothes with new eyes its worth it and can save u a bundle!

I have to say thanks again to A Pair and a Spare for really opening my eyes and inspiring me :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let There Be Light!

This is my first post for Upcycle Tuesday! and I have my wits about me so I know that today is Tuesday for sure hahahaha.
I am excited to share with you the work of the talented Ursula of Earth Sea Warrior. She gives old industrial lamps and upbeat vibe with cool colorful cords, AMAZING and such a clever idea! You can find her shop on Etsy

Green Note: Giving old items in your home a new lease on life helps reduce unwanted waste in landfills!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blushing Bride!

This is my first post for Eco Wedding Wednesday and I am excited to start with my favorite color pink! Weddings can get very expensive and create a great deal of waste. One way to alleviate the waste and to create a beautiful inexpensive atmosphere is to source you decorating goods from local vintage stores and stock up on recycled jars and tea tins. They are perfect for candles holding beautiful bunches of flowers or used as a cocktail glass. Here are a few images I found over at the lovely La Belle Vie.

Green Note: Plastic straws are so passe and terrible for the environment for your next event try paper straws!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ms Softie

Hi Everyone this is the soft launch of my shop, Single Green Female on Etsy. Yes Yes I  know your thinking what the hell does soft launch even mean....I just read it somewhere and thought it sounded great hahahaha and I think an actual launch entails a small party which I will have of course!
Single Green Female is a combination of my love for fashion interior styling and crafting. Each Month I will create a carefully curated wall of vintage and up cycled finds, all of which are good for me you and the planet. If every single green female did their part in reducing their carbon footprint the world would be a greener place. So please enjoy my first wall and tell all your friends about it!!

P.S Click on Etsy shop in the top right hand corner and you will be taken directly to my shop!



Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 This is my favorite time of year I love to make cards and bake with my daughter. I remember when my daughter was in grade school and I would always try to find the cute vintage cards they had when I was younger. Thanks to Etsy I can omit the legwork and with a simple click a vintage card is mine.

Thanks Posh Totty Designs and Rouge Valley Vintage from Etsy for the sweet cards!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red HOT!!!

You can't get any more 80's than this red leather skirt! Very Christie Brinkley Billy Joel uptown girl!
Now that leather everything has made a comeback this skirt is a perfect addition to spice up your wardrobe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

When I came across these glasses the image that came to mind was the Slim Aaron's photo of the ladies by the pool. Only they would seem like the type to enjoy a good smoke and a refreshing glass of iced tea from a matching tea/ashtray set.

Green Note: Any item can be reused even a dusty ashtray they make perfect little jewelery holders. So the next time you see a cool ashtray picture your bracelets or earrings resting in there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boho Chic

Whenever I think of beautiful prints from the 60's I think of Biba. Gorgeous dresses worn with fur vests head scarves or floppy hats. Anna Sui also comes to mind for the modern day Boho Chic girl. Her prints are to die for and her runway shows are a feast for the senses. Whimsical, and free spirited! Here  is my latest piece in my upcoming shop hope you enjoy!

Green Note: Did you know that there is 12.7 million tons of clothing that end up in landfills in America

Love and Peace!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sheathed in Red

In the 90's Kate Moss was the queen of the sheath dress rocking it to various events with then boyfriend Johnny Depp. I remember after seeing the grey one she wore to Cannes I begged my Mom to make the same one form me which she did and which I loved. The simplicity yet body hugging sexiness of it is a timeless classic for any wardrobe.

Adorned or unadorned it still looks great on. Kate pulled it off perfectly. Here is my version of the classic with a pleated twist that will be featured in my shop.

Green Note: Just like Kate Moss it is alway easy to get that one of a kind look beacause when you shop for vintage no one else has it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Keenness for Greenness

I am an avid reader and enjoy collecting old books to add to my library. That's why when I found these beautiful red German vintage books I was very excited to share them with you.

Green Note: When you check a book out from the Library it's good for the environment and good for you! But of course its 2012 so a kindle or ipad trumps the library either way its a good thing :)

 All Images Via

Friday, February 3, 2012


Here is a little peak into what I have been working on and I am very excited to share it with you very soon.

I have always loved mini bars in the home, they are great for inviting friends over for an eco friendly soirees or as Nikki use to do on Young and The Restless pour herself a cocktail of hard liquor and pop pain killers....always loved the way her decanter clinked against the crystal cut glass. On a serious note here are a few of my favorite bar looks and a feature of one of the items that will be found in my shop which will be a perfect addition to any mini bar!


Images via CocoKelly House of Fifty The Modern Sophisticate