Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eco Wedding Wednesday Blushing Bride!

 Finding the perfect dress is not the only important part of your wedding. Having the perfect makeup is also very important and if your going to spend a whole day in makeup, organic makeup is the perfect way to go. Here is my list of makeup I would recommend and use! Also remember to moisturize Dr Hauschka Rose Lite is great!

I stumbled across Juice Beauty and cannot wait to try their products once I am stateside! Everything sounds so nourishing and wonderful. I think the Refining Finishing Powder is perfect because it's lightweight, matte and lasts all day. I always think wedding makeup should be light and a bit dewy so you don't end up looking like a crazy clown. So I chose the next three Juice Beauty product's with that in mind. The Facial Highlighter is sheer giving you a slight flush aka blushing bride look :) and with long lasting hydration and a name like Purely Kissable how could you go wrong with this lip color! I added the Hydrating Mist to keep the all over dewy look.

Loving everything from Josie Maran especially since almost everything is infused with Argan Oil. Nvey Eyeshadow Duo in two great colors, Earthly Desire and Eco Chic is talc-free and uses chamomile and jojoba which soothes while creating a long lasting look.

Of course you can't forget about your nails and Butter 3 free nail polish in Pink Ribbon and Jaffa adds the perfect finishing touch!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upcycle Tuesday Pimp my Deck!


 I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend! It was also a long weekend here in Germany not sure what it was for but none the less  we had Monday off :) I took that time to take my balcony from drab to fab!

Since we will only be here for a year I did not want to invest too much money into something we would have to get rid of a year later. Bottle crates are very popular in Berlin, a lot of cafes use them as seats so I borrowed their idea. I bought 5 crates for 1.50 euros (returnable when I'm finished and I get the money back) the table top was from a local home store for 8 euros and the plastic rug for 10 euros. I made the seat cushions myself with cheap fabric I purchased for 3 euros, an old pillow case for backing and leftover fabric scraps for stuffing. I have to say I am very happy with the end result!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday Just the Two of Us!

This is my first post with my sweet daughter so excited!

Last weekend and this week were gorgeous! Michaela and I visited the flea markets and found some great things. This is what we wore.

Me:  The silk tank from Joie was a gift, my skirt I found at Humana for 6 euros and the oversize clutch at a different location Humana for 7 euros. The necklace I purchased for $7.50 from forever 21 which is perfect for cute affordable accessories.

Michaela: The Dress is from H and M for 9.95 euros the belt a Humana purchase for 5 euros shoes from Zara for $25 euros and the new  Levis denim jacket found at the flea market for 5 euros.

Green Note: Carry your grocery tote to the flea market save you from using multiple plastic bags for your purchases. Clothes and nic nac's fit just as perfectly in a cloth tote!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Seams Thursday! Local Yocal!

Dress $170

Visor $55
I am always searching for new eco blogs to follow, they are inspiring and help expand my knowledge on all the eco fashion that is out there. This week I found this blog  Ecco Eco it was chalk full of wonderful eco friendly fashion and websites. Adler's Spring 2012 line was featured and let's just say I am smitten. I love the Mexico City Dress and am totally coveting the Mexico City visor perfect for the beach in Montauk! Adler's design Duo Nina Zilka and David J. Krause manufacture their garments locally out of the NYC Garment Center while paying close attention to detail and sourcing fabric locally and substantially whenever possible.

Green Note: While shopping local for your grocery items is wonderful shopping local for your wardrobe is a great way for a single green female to reduce her carbon footprint as well! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eco Wedding Wednesday City Hall Bride!

Dear Golden 1930's Dress $1450

Beyond Skin Nude Zig Zag Shoe $199

Dear Golden 1950's Wedding Dress $360

Charlotte Olympia $970

Miss Farfella Smocked Dress $125

Charlotte Olympia

Thrush Lace Detail Dress $68

Jimmy Choo $850

Be Something New $95

Be Something New $85

When I lived in New York my daughter's school was close to City Hall so we witnessed all the wonderful weddings. I even convinced myself that I may possibly want to get married at City Hall. Here are some eco wedding looks I put together. I like to mix High and Low prices and I love love a good designer shoe. I reckon since they are made with fabric that gives them their eco friendly edge ;). I love the idea of giving a wedding dress that extra kick that's why I zushed up the 1930's dress with a printed shoe from the eco brand Beyond Skin. This 1950's wedding dress is gorgeous and a great price which makes it easy to create a high low price look! The smocked dress is very demure so I chose these AMAZING shoes by Charlotte Olympia. The last dress is uber simple but paired with these beautiful white Jimmy Choo's heads will be turning. A simple veil completes your City Hall bride look!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Upcycle Tuesday Magic Carpet Ride!


 Lately I have been rug shopping for our apartment, at first I thought we were fine without a rug but now I have reconsidered. I think a rug just ties a room together, that's why I was so excited when I saw this beauty on Design Sponge. I have saved a picture of my inspiration and now have found something wonderful in it's likeness. The best part is it is made from 100% reclaimed fabric! The talented designer Lydia Trott  takes leftover scraps of fabric and weaves them into beautiful rag rugs. Love it!!!!!  You can find her shop Home Terrain on Etsy.

Green Note: It's always difficult figuring out what to do with leftover scraps instead of throwing them out save them, they make perfect stuffing for dog beds, Moroccan poufs ( that's what I'm saving mine for) or craft project for your little ones ie dolls and doll clothing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Must Have Monday! Beauty continued

 I am continuing my green beauty regime and I am focusing on the face. For years I have used your basic Noxzema face cleansers and now I feel it is time to graduate onto something more grown up and of course eco friendly. I really like the sound of the Korres White Tea cleanser it softens and moisturizes the skin without over stripping.

 I looked at Dr. Hauschka's cleansing milk but I'm not that much of a cream facial rinse fan. I am a fan of their Rose Day Cream Light though, which is perfect for summer. Packed with rose petals (one of my favorite flowers) avocado, sesame, almond and wheat germ oil it sounds like the perfect soothing face cream.

I feel that every 2 weeks I should add a mask to my regime. I love masks that say on their packaging that they draw out impurities because after a long day of pounding the pavement that is what your skin is full of  toxins and impurities! Sumbody Detox Get Extreme Face Mask is on my "Get Ye in my Medicine Cabinet Now!" list.

Summer is around the corner and a facial spritzer is perfect to refresh your face or simply set your makeup so you don't look like "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane! I chose the Sumbody Dew Me Passionately Rose Spray made from 100% pure rose distillate so not only will you look good but you will smell like a bed of roses!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Single Green Female Spotlight Sunday! Golden Girl!

I was visiting my favorite decorating blogs when I saw these amazing bath products on Design SpongeGoldies by Sarah Trogdon is made locally in Queens and are free of every dirty additive you could find in soap.
No Parabens
No Preservatives
No Pthalates
No Formaldehyde
Just pure goodness for your skin! I am keen to try  the Cocoa Rose Dream body lotion....which sounds delicious and the Winter Sun Scrub (ancient Japanese beauty secret hello!) made with walnut shell powder for exfoliating, coconut soap for moisture and basil and ainse oil which acts as an astringent.

Can't wait to get to NY to pick some up! If your in the Burg aka Williamsburg you can find it at the new Wythe Hotel

Friday, May 18, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday!

This week the weather was a bit touch and go but when it was nice out you bet your bottom dollar I dusted off one of my many vintage dresses.

This is what I wore: I usually wear this dress at night but I decided to switch it up and rock it during the day. I purchased this 4 years ago at my favorite thrift shop in Toronto ( Stella Luna) for $30 it was unfashionably long so i cut it into a mini, my favorite part is the back of course. The shoes are from Steven in New York and were a gift from my sweet boyfriend. My summer go to purse was a closet purge from my bestie.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Green Seams Thursday Exciting News!

What do these three luxury brands have in common Stella McCartney ( my green girl crush), Gucci and Alexander McQueen? They all work under PPR Group headed  by Chairman and CEO Henri Pinault and drum roll please!!!! He has just announced his five year Social and Environmental plan for these luxury brands and others under PPR Group. According to Luxury Goes Green  these are the steps they are taking
to reduce their carbon footprint:
  • Reduce waste, water, paper and packaging by 25%
  • Through their purchase of 5% in Wildlife Works Carbon they will secure 5 million hectares of native forest over the next three years and protect them for the next 20 years
  • They will phase out PVC entirely by 2016
  • Secure 100% of their paper from certified sustainable forests with a minimum of 50% recycled content
  • Pledge to phase out and eliminate all hazardous chemicals from it's productivity by 2020
Wow! those are some big initiatives but a right step in a green direction!

Green Note: Two ways to go green at work 
1) Use less paper and if you do use paper, use paper made from post consumer waste.
2) When going to the bank on your lunch break say no to printed copies of your bank statement.
One of  the many green things I love about Germany, they don't offer a printed statement they display it on the screen!
 What are ways you reduce your carbon footprint in the office?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Upcycle Tuesday!

Yesterday I found out that we would be redoing the bathroom and kitchen in my Grandmother's house in Antigua. Never one to be left out I contributed my 2 cents and said we should make it eco friendly. I started researching right away and was excited to find so many green options for flooring counter tops etc. I was really impressed by the new option for recycled glass tile back splash. What makes it more impressive is each tile takes half the energy to produce unlike a ceramic tile.

So the next time you recycle your bottle remember that someday it will be upcycled to a beautiful back splash in someone's eco friendly home!

Image via Mineral Tiles & Treehugger

Monday, May 14, 2012

Must Have Monday's... Beauty From the Inside Out!

 I have decided to do a spring cleaning of my beauty regime and have started to weed out old products that I bought. Since this is a point where I should practice what I preach! I am starting with my toiletries and makeup case!

I am currently living in Germany and the three major organic brands that are the most popular are: Dr. Hauschka, Korres and Weleda which suites me perfectly fine since they all use natural ingredients.

Lets Start with Morning Routine
I found this shower gel in a German home decor magazine and was instantly drawn in by the packaging
 "STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME" ( something I'm guilty of when brushing my teeth). This German based company uses only essential oils and natural ingredients. Can't wait to use the Orange Wild Herb Shower Gel sounds invigorating!

I love roses and that is why I chose Weleda Wild Rose Body lotion. Their ingredients rosehip seed oil which provides an antioxidant, organic jojoba seed oil for moisture and calendula flower extract to help sooth. Sounds like the perfect blend for me!

I don't want to bore you with a long post so next week I will feature facial cleansers!

Green Note: The Perils of Paraben! According to Parabens can be found in most of your shampoos, conditioners, lotions, facial and shower cleansers. They are used to prevent growth of microbes in cosmetic products. Since it is absorbed through the skin or blood stream paraben's pose a major concern for breast cancer since it is the one main thing found in biopsies.

It's never to late to start with an all natural beauty regime!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday Midi Madness!

 I am an avid fan of Pinterest and I can spend hours pinning my little heart out! I like to create various boards that give me inspiration for different looks and today I am featuring Midi Madness. Here are some of the looks that I have pinned and loved and here is what I wore:

Stripped Top: free I stole it from my boyfriend since I felt it looked better on me than him ( since he is NOT a sailor!)

Belt: Closet Purge from my bestie.... just in case you are wondering I help my friends organize their closets and anything they don't want is given to me so it's a win win situation.

Skirt: $32 and can found in my Etsy shop right now :)

Shoes: Special Price aka sale Zara 20 euros

 Hope you enjoyed my post, have a wonderful Mother's Day and keep it green :)

If you would like to check out my Pinterest page you can find it under Shirley Erskine