Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The latest Dish!!!

Wondering what tiny step you could take to save our about saying no to paper towels and yes to using dish towels more often. I found these very convenient dish towels.....they can be buttoned anywhere! on Etsy where the world is your oyster for all handmade and vintage items the shop called From Ma with Love ( how sweet!) I am definitely ordering a couple they are a steal at $3!

A Rebel With A Green Cause!!!

How much do I love these Retro tote bags from Rebel Green an eco-friendly brand that marries the idea of chic and edgy perfectly. I love the fact that they have reusable produce bags cuz let's face it a) The clear plastic bags are really hard to open sometimes and b) They are just plain and simple bad for the environment! You have to check out their website for their full range of products they are amazing. Hmmm....I think I will use the pink tote for a house warming gift and fill it with eco friendly house products.