Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas!!!!

Let's put the green back in Christmas with these wonderful green Christmas idea's for the whole family! Here are two things For Her that will make this holiday season special ( well at least I think so!) Olivier New York a family run business makes these wonderful organic handmade soaps with goats milk, and mint or Jasmine with oats which sounds deliciously wonderful! visit for more of their green products. For kissable lips under the Mistletoe, get All the better to kiss you with organic lip balms in 3 great flavours: Chai Mandarin, Pepperminty or Lavender Vanilla this can be found at Lastly anything from Stella Mc Cartney because everything she does is fabulous and green. For Him I absolutely love the Hemp Converse and the Biomega Puma fold up Bike, it is a bit pricey but think of all the money you will save by not using transportation and of course you will be doing your part to save the environment! Pour Bebe!! nothing but cute stuff that's save for your baby and once again the environment. I remember when I was a wee tike I had one of those horrible looking pull phones with eyes and hands sticking out the side ( oh the horror!!!) I would pull it around and the hands would move. Today people have finally put the sweetness back in toys and I heart this dragonfly pull toy that I found on actually I found most of the baby gifts on Inhabitots.... The wings flap when pulled and it is painted with lead free non toxic paint, it costs$34 and can be found on There is nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea in front of the fire or how about this adorable 5 piece pretend tea set by Erzi which can be found on . I also love The Plan Toy Tea Set made with chemical free recycled rubberwood and painted with non toxic water based dye you can find this on Birds of a feather flock together, well I defiantly would want my child to flock with this sweet duck from Lana Organic made with 100% organic and filled with 100% wool. Well that about sums up my Green Gift idea's for the family. Stay tuned for Green gifts for the person who has everything and stocking suffers!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get Spruced Up!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year..........I truly love Christmas it's my favorite holiday, it a time of giving, caring and to be completely honest eating heaps of food!!! Once again I was digging in my heels and going through my emails from Idea Bite and I have to say the ultimate gift for me this year is the gift set from Pangea Organics there are three variations but my favorite is the first that comes with Indian Green Tea with mint and rose petal soap..... ummm sounds invigorating and refreshing Malagasy Cinnamon Cassia with cloves soap and Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamon lip balm. But the best part is they are paying homage to their friend the tree (God bless their wonderful souls!!) and they have designed their gift box to be 100% compostable, biodegradable and plantable and when I say plantable it is not your usual wild flowers. You will be planting a spruce tree!! talk about thinking out of the box. A brilliant idea for you me and of course the environment. So if your stumped on what to get for your honey or friend visit

Monday, December 8, 2008

From here to there Green Restaurants are everywhere!!!

So now that I am in the nyc I'm going to put my taste buds to good use and start sampling the cities green fare! Thanks to the daily bites sent to my email from Idea Bite. I have over two hundred bites that I have to tackle and share with ya'll so I figured I would start with what I enjoy most...FOOD!

From the eclectic streets of Alphabet City to the Morningside Heights where many Columbia students call home these restaurants are sure to set your mouths watering.

Back Forty located on 190 Avenue B btw 11/12 serves yummy grass fed burgers, buttermilk onion rings and tasty local wine and beer to quench your thirst. While way uptown in Morningside Heights many Columbia students enjoy delicious wild Maine Blueberry pancakes and bottomless fair trade organic coffee at Community Food and Juice located at 2893 Broadway at 112th st. If you are up for a weekend adventure than please take the time to visit these wonderful restaurants.

It's been waaaaaaaay too long!!!!

I am soooooo sorry for the long lapse in updates I have been in the process of relocating to the fabulous NYC and unfortunately have been to busy to blog.....Here is a brief recap of our Summer. Yes I just said summer and on a day like today I wish it were still here.
This Summer my daughter joined the Green Camp down in battery park, they visited various green restaurants, a bicycle recycling plant, and built their own mini solar cars. overall my daughter gave them an A+ for the exciting trips and fun activities and I gave them an A+ also for the price!