Monday, December 8, 2008

From here to there Green Restaurants are everywhere!!!

So now that I am in the nyc I'm going to put my taste buds to good use and start sampling the cities green fare! Thanks to the daily bites sent to my email from Idea Bite. I have over two hundred bites that I have to tackle and share with ya'll so I figured I would start with what I enjoy most...FOOD!

From the eclectic streets of Alphabet City to the Morningside Heights where many Columbia students call home these restaurants are sure to set your mouths watering.

Back Forty located on 190 Avenue B btw 11/12 serves yummy grass fed burgers, buttermilk onion rings and tasty local wine and beer to quench your thirst. While way uptown in Morningside Heights many Columbia students enjoy delicious wild Maine Blueberry pancakes and bottomless fair trade organic coffee at Community Food and Juice located at 2893 Broadway at 112th st. If you are up for a weekend adventure than please take the time to visit these wonderful restaurants.

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