Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Upcycle Tuesday!

Today's feature on Upcycyle Tuesday is a dress that I revamped for my Etsy shop. Whenever I vintage shop I always try to find a piece that can aline with today's trends and this dress which I like to call the Elaine dress (reminds me of the dress Elaine from Seinfeld use to wear) is something I have seen in Urban Outfitters for what I feel is a very expensive price. To update the dress I removed the sleeves and reshaped the neck to a v-shape and voila you have your sexy summer dress!

Green Note: Vintage shopping can be overwhelming for some the trick is to know what you are looking for when you shop ie: plaid grunge shirt and look for items that can aline with today's trends ie: upcycle the  plaid shirt with a peek a boo back. I love going to LF for ideas and inspiration than recreating the look at a more affordable price plus let's keep it real I'm doing what I love best saving the environment!

Happy Shopping :)

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