Thursday, May 3, 2012

Green Seams Thrusday Parlez- vous francais?

 Well you should! The line of clothing from Amour Vert  (which means green love in french...thank goodness I paid a little attention during french class) is amazing and the way they work green goodness into their fabric makes my heart tickled green. I mean recycled soda bottles who woulda thunk! They have this super cute Dawn Poncho made from 5 recycled soda bottles which is completely sold out! I am completely in lust with the Eve ikat print dress made from peace silk. A process they use to preserve the life of the silk worm while using a more complex but sustainable process to turn the cocoon into the fabulous silk dresses they sell. Thanks to their "learn about sustainable fabric" section you can also become educated on the many options out there for a green girl!

Green Note: Eco friendly fashion does not mean sacrificing style!

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