Thursday, February 23, 2012

With Time to Spare!

I checked out a Pair and a Spare.... I'm so cheesy sorry hahahahaha but couldn't resist. Welcome to Green Seams Thursday where I source all fashion that is filled with green goodness! Sorry for the missing post yesterday. I was a bit under the weather :( Back onto the topic though, I came across the talented Geneva of  A Pair and a Spare when I was daydreaming on Net-a-Porter hahaha. Once I went through her blog I was completely besotted and inspired! I knew I could take something from drab to fab and I did just that drum roll please..... I found these leather pants at a thrift store and breathed new life into them by cutting their legs off and turning them into these abfab shorts that I absolutely J'Adore!

Green Note: the next time your are in your local thrift store and you have the DIY bug look at the clothes with new eyes its worth it and can save u a bundle!

I have to say thanks again to A Pair and a Spare for really opening my eyes and inspiring me :)

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