Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This n That..... Travel Diary Greece!

Packing List Vintage Vintage Vintage :)

Ok Gonna be honest, didn't realize Greece was so brown

Beautiful buildings though!

Off the Ferry in Naxos

Literally Straight to a Bikini!

Lunch was numero uno for Jakob

Jakob's Dad and his lovely wife Sonja #lovethem

waiting for the sunset

Like Father Like Son :) #silly


Loving my Vintage Romper!

Jakob's ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do!! No Seriously!

Love the Contrast!

He was Beside himself to show me cute!

Ummm intense peace sign much hahaha

Just soaking up the sun #sunbaby

Let's Ride!

Dinner Perchance!


Loved up Fools :)

So long Beautiful Mykonos!

My cute nunu waiting for the cab so dapper :)

Awwwww he's so sweet #lovehim

It was raining when we got back but it was fine because there was a
beautiful rainbow waiting for us!


Emily Dart-McLean Harris said...

Wow! Talk about dream vacation! Love that vintage romper, too!

Single Green Female said...

Thanks! It was another one of those do a little jig moments when I found it :)