Friday, October 26, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday.... Channeling 90's Grunge!

Boots Gortez 99euros Coach Bag Vintage $15
I am completely loving my sweater I bought form this adorable vintage shop Vintage Magpies. I covet all things that are aztec print and this sweater is perfect, oversized, great colors and the price was amazing 21.77 euros!!!! I paired it with my dress from Urban Outfitters which I hunted down from New York to Toronto. I Saw it in New York but felt it was too expensive ($100 n something) than found it on sale but they didn't have my size left grrrrrr. When I was visiting home in Toronto you betcha bottom dollar I made a bee line to Urban Outfitters and found it Hallelujah!!! for $19.99!


Vintage Magpies said...

Oh Shirley you look amazing! I love your style. Autumn perfection! <3

Single Green Female said...

Thanks : )