Wednesday, January 16, 2008

G-Girl of the Week!

Remember back in da day! when they had B-Boys and B-Girls. Well I'm startin' G-Boy and G-Girl of the week! and my first G-Girl is Laurie David.
When I first began my green endeavor, I signed up for the virtual march on, an informative website founded by Laurie David with Senator John McCain and Robert F Kennedy. This was my first step toward green living and I have never looked back!
Climate-change activist, eco-crusader, eco-warrior are some of the words used to describe Laurie David. She was a producer on the Oscar winning film An Inconvenient Truth, author of the best selling book Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You! The down to Earth Guide to Global Warming co-authored with Cambria Gordon, executive produced and HBO documentary Too Hot not to Handle, in the spring of last year launched the Stop Global Warming College tour with Sheryl Crow and was also a guest editor of Elle magazine's "The Green Issue" which was the highest selling issue in 14 years. Dayam Girl! Looks like everything she touches turns to "Green!" (I'm so cheesy I know!)

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