Friday, January 18, 2008

A little Green Note.....Wha Cha Gon Do?

Opps! I almost forgot about my green note. Here's the sitch, if you have clothes that you no longer wear and they are taking up precious room in your home, check out . They are in 75 countries( yes even here in Canadialand) and they keep over 300 tons of unwanted clothing and household goods out of landfills. The amount is equivalent to 4x's the height of Mt Everest! Lord love a duck! that is alot. So wha cha gon do? Join the movement and turn your trash into treasure!

Happy Feet!
Here is another non-profit charity that is great they receive shoes from all over North America and ships shoes to people in need from Honduras to Swaziland. When the Tsunami struck in Indonesia and Hurricane Katrina swept people off their feet. Soul4Soul was there to lend a hand. There mission is "to impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes."

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