Monday, January 7, 2008

A New Shade of Green for the New Year!!

Yippe! it's the new year and I have decided that my resolution is to be greener this year like forest green!! I have been approaching it with baby steps since last year, repalcing light bulbs, bringing totes to the grocery store, recycling all paper even my receipts! using the display on the screen option instead of the print during cash withdrawals. I have always been a walker and public transit user so I feel my carbon footprint is pretty light oh wait!....with the exception of my trip to South Africa once and the NYC four times last year, but I did take the train twice so I guess I don't feel so guilty. In the fashion department, I am an avid vintage shopper which leaves practically an invisible footprint. This year I can't wait to find new ways to be greener, so cheers to a green new year!


katmandu said...

you have done lost your mind!

Single Green Female said...

But u still luv me though mandu!!