Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gone Fishing!


World Wildlife Fund

This is a wonderful foundation that works very hard around the world to protect animals and our planet. Here is one of their success stories:

Lake Superior Protected
A historic agreement has been signed by the government of Canada and Ontario to extablish the largest freshwater reserve in the world on the largest lake in the world.

Through this agreement peregrine falcons, eagles, osprey, caribou and deep water fish such as lake trout white fish and walleye will be protected.

Here is what they are currently working on:
Forest Protecton- The conservation of over 500 million hectares of boreal forest-an area half the size of Canada- in partnership with other conservation organization industry, First Nations and governments. This bold initiative would see 50% of Canada's boreal forest legally protected and the the rest managed to the highest environmetal standards.

Check out the website the pictures are amazing and their success stories will inspire you to become more green.

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