Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green Girl Golightly!

Green Guzzler of the Month! Square One Vodka

Do you remeber the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's when Holly Golightly has that smashing cocktail party with drinks galore. I have always wanted to throw an exciting party like that....I can just picture it, me in the starring role as "Green Girl Golightly" the New York Ecolite flitting around the room, topping off every drink with Square One Organic Vodka.

This smooth clean vodka was created by Allison Evanow her sister Debbie and friend Kimberly Charles. It is the worlds first certified organic Rye Vodka and it's green from the inside out! let me break it down how green they are:

  • the distillery is partially wind powered from local generated power
  • the label is made from tree free face stock labels made from bamboo, bagasse (sugar cane) and cotton
  • the rye by product from the vodka-making process is sold as feed to an organic dairy farm
  • they use carbon-off sets for air travel
  • it is shipped in chlorine-free partially recycled paper cartons printed with only soy based inks.

You can't get any greener than that. Bottoms up!

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