Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love Love Love!

Went to Hazelton Lanes today to shop at Whole Foods (I was in there for two hours!) Ahhh! such a wonderful shopping experience. I love their 365 products their organic and affordable which a single green girl loves. While I was strolling through the mall I went to the TNT store that carries children's clothes. They had the cutest zip up sweater from Preloved Me Me line for children, you remember Preloved the store which I love love love and mentioned several Friday's ago. The sweater is made from recycled sweaters it's ingenious. Pair it with Levis eco jeans and Veja Bebe running shoes (their organic and fair trade) Now your mini greenie can be stylin and profilin just like you!
Just a little green note: Preloved recycled 60,000 sweaters to create their fall collection.

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