Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pretty Woman Walkin Down the Street!

Green and Gorgeous! I know I know it is usually on Saturday's but I was extremely busy.....I hope you didn't miss me to much.
It's time to put one green foot in front of the other and mosey on down to Sephora than to good ole Wally Mart! Why you may ask.....well they both carry something essential to our makeup bags. Have you heard of a lil somethin somethin called Bare Mineral makeup It's made with no additives or irritants while leaving skin feeling weightless and looking luminous. So ditch that heavy foundation head on over to Sephora and get some bare mineral makeup.
It's greentastic! Walmart is going green......finally some affordable green goods cause this green lifestyle ain't cheap! Take a little stroll down their beauty aisle they have this great lip balm, Honest to Goodness Peppermint lip balm it's au natural!

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