Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pea Green with Envy!

Oh Canada! the land of David Suzuki and COMPOSTING!! today I visited my best friend and her beautiful daughter. I had the immense pleasure of taking a trip down memory lane when I changed her daughters diaper (my daughter is past her diaper years) and after I was done I disposed of it in none other than her compost bin, can you imagine! It was such a great feeling....especially knowing that my daughter's diapers who is eleven now are probably still decomposing. Yuck! I also luv the fact that all the houses across Toronto are equipped with these tiny little bins for the kitchen and a green bins for the curb. I do feel a bit of envy (ok maybe alot!) since I am an apartment dweller and shed a tear every time I have to throw my potato and carrot scraps in the garbage, but I know this will some day change. So as I sit here drowning my sorrows with my Organic Chardonnay....Bonterra by the way, I say here! here! to composting and to those who have the pleasure of doing it!

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