Friday, February 22, 2008

Tweenie Greenie!

Greeny Todd the demon seamstress of fleet street has struck again. My daughter has taken up snowboarding so I bought her all this gear over the christmas holiday's. I love Sporting Life but sometimes they are a bit pricey ( I know! this coming from the girl who wants a pair of Stella McCartney shoes). They have these sorta turtleneck scarfs made from fleece which are more convienent that a long scarf that could get in the way. I rememberd in our big basket of winter scarfs, hats and mitts there was this unsightly black fleece scarf and my daughter had just complained about her favorite hat not fitting anymore. The hat is important because it has cute crochet flowers on it. Well I got out my handy scissors and the sewing machine and went to work. It took about ten minutes and Voila! a stylish snowboarding scarf.

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