Friday, February 22, 2008

Fashion Friday's: How Stella got her Green Groove Back!

She actually never lost it but of course I just wanted to say that. Hold on to your seats it's going to be a two day of the Queen of Sustainable Style. Stella McCartney is my absolute fashion idol, she has taken almost every aspect of fashion and made it sustianable. Today I bought the Green issue of Domino Magazine, I can't get enough of it. In it there was a feature on Lauren Bush and here daily routine I know you are probably wondering where I'm going with this......... Oh! I hate to say it but her outfit left something to be desired (sorry!). The shoes though, the shoe were magnificent little works of art, Lauren looked pretty as well. I neeeeed to have them in my life, they are made from wood, cloth and beaded to perfection. I love how Stella comes up with different ways to make sustainable fashion beautiful. Last season she had the straw shoe they looked lovely but I was afraid they would blister my feet. Just being honest!

I see London I see France I see Stella's eco-underpants!
Sassy, sexy in an ultra feminine pallet of soft pinks, creams and dove grey, the thirteen piece collection is made with organic cotton and silk chiffon. I love love love it, she designs my two favorite things shoes and lingerie with eco-friendly style.
Sorry! I'm still on my accessory kick cause I haven't seen any clothes that tickles my fancy!

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Daniel said...

Eco-underpants, yes! Another goal to add to the list at Green Groove, ; )

I suppose that is better than free-ballin it???