Wednesday, February 13, 2008

British Invasion!

It's that time of week again the G-Boy or G-Girl of the Week....but today I have three adorable moptop greenies from the UK!
Zac Goldsmith: The Golden Eco Warrior
One of Britian's leading green men, Zac Goldsmith is a hugh contributor to environmental awareness not only monetary but through his devotion to issues such as agriculture and energy. He supported the Organic Target Bill Campaign, which promotes organic farming and resulted in the ban of 320 pesticide ingredients across the European Union. Living on a 300 acre ecological estate in Devon with his wife and three children, Zac is also the editor of The Ecologist Magazine and presently a conservative candidate for Richmond Park. Green politicians mean a greener planet!
Colin Firth: Green Actually!
The poster boy for greeness, Colin Firth and his wife have opened Britians first ecological destination store aptly named ECO! The building is self sustainable with solar heating and they carry fair trade and ethical goods. Not sure how to take the first green step, there are experts on hand to offer tips for a greener lifestyle.
David de Rothschild: The Green Giant
An adventurer who has set the new record for the fastest crossing of the Greenland ice cap in June of 2005. The youngest British person to cross the continent of Antarctica, author of the book Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook and founder of Adventure Ecology ( which I have discussed before) an educational computer game that documents and solves enviromental problems. Wow! and he's not even thirty yet! Currently he is working with NBC on a series pilot that examines the enviromental impact of consumer products on day to day life. Oh! by the way green ladies did I mention that he is single. Hmmm Single Green Female.....Single Green Male I think it's a match made in eco-heaven!

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