Friday, February 15, 2008

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall....99 Bottles of Beer!

I don't think one of those bottles will happend to fall since Oceanside Glasstile specializes in making glass tiles from recycled bottles. How cool is that! (FYI: I have refraimed from saying hot, it's so passe you know since global WARMING and all)
I was on, because I am crazy and once I am through with the current month's magazine I visit their website to see what the new issue will look like (sick I know!) and they have tidbits from next months and guess what??? It's their green issue and they have all this green stuff on their website and I have been in eco-heaven for the past hour checking everything out and there is sooooooo much for every single aspect of your life. I love love love it! Anywho! Enough of my green rantings and ravings, that is how I found I wish I was building an eco home right now I would love to use this stuff!

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