Friday, February 15, 2008

Fashion Friday's!!!

I had the hardest time coming up with something fabulous to show y'all.......I surfed all my green websites to no avil, there just wasn't anything that made me really excited. Then I went on ( I know I know but I love them!) and I found something that made my green little heart sing! Jewellery! by a Canadian designer Kate Szabone (eh!) who lives in Whitby Ontario. She hand crafts limited edition jewellery and sells it on I am absolutely crazy about her pinecone necklace which I feel every Canadian girl needs, slim organic stacking rings (they're $28 for a set of seven!!!!) and sterling silver bangle.
She does custom orders also, I hope she can do the bangle in gold I think it would look great with this vintage dress I have.


allaboutecco said...

Just wanted to thank you for all of the information you share here on your blog, keep up the green work, i mean GREAT work! Can't wait to send some friends to check it out!
Thank you for being part of the solution, instead of the problem.

Single Green Female said...

Your very welcome! You have made my day with ur post!