Monday, February 4, 2008

I'll Send an S.O.S to the World!

Green Footprint of the Month!
I was reading an article on Corporate Accountability International (don't ask how I found it!) and I was amazed to find, that three corporations make up over half of the US water bottle market. They have privatized our water, bottling it and selling it back to us.....hmmm I know they were tricky with that EVIAN/NAIVE trick! The article goes on to say "They have turned a shared common resource into a one hundred billion dollar global market and one of the worlds fastest growing branded beverages. "Aquafina owned by Pepsi and Dasani owned by Coca-Cola come from the same source as tap water according to the article on the
The bottled water woes don't only end there, here are some interesting facts I found on
Production of plastic for water bottles produces about 800,000 tons of global warming pollution per year.

It takes 26x more water to make the plastic bottle than what the bottle contains.
Only about 13% of water bottles are recycled.

According to an article on bottle water is not held to the same tough regulations as Canada's cities and bottle water companies don't have to relese their water test to the public unlike Canada's municipalities.

So basically bottled water is a big scam! Try Sigg it is a great alternative is made from aluminum is reusable, recyclable easy to clean and they are so much prettier.
I hope that someone get's my
I hope that someone get's my
I hope that someone get's my
Message in a Sigg bottle!

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