Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Movin on up to the Green the Ecoluxe Apartment in the Sky!

Well I'm not actually moving into an ecoluxe apartment (yet!) but I found the best eco-friendly moving company Earth Friendly Moving on Unfortunately they are Southern California but thankfully they have plans to expand nationwide. They are the countries first zero-waste packing and moving systems and their trucks run on vegetable oil. Brilliant idea! The way it works, Reco Pack(Recycled Ecological Packing Solutions) provides reusable stackable boxes made from recycled plastic bottles to hold all your goods while the RecoCube, made from recycled paper sludge and added sugars protect your glassware. When you are done with the RecoCube you can put them in your garden and they will compost into plant food.
I hope they reach the NYC when I move back, they sound amazing!

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