Friday, February 1, 2008

Step by Step....Ooh Baby!

Step 1:Educating Children
Yesterday I picked my daughter up from school for lunch. I was begining to get a little irritated because she was taking so long, finally she arrived and as we were walking home I asked what took her so long and she said nonchalantly "oh some enviromental movie" Of course my ears perked up and I said " Really which movie?" My daughter gave me a sideways look cause she notice a little quaver in my voice " Oh I don't know some Al Gore Movie". Now I'm beside myself with excitement and say "perchance, it was called An Inconvenient Truth" Now my daughter is looking at me like did you just say "perchance" but nods and says "yes it was that movie." I love it! there showing good ole Al in our schools.

Step 2: Green Soap
Watching Guiding Light and noticed that one of the characters on the show used tote bags for grocery shopping.

Step 3: Green Work
Today at work the vainty table on set all had energy saving lights!
Little steps that's all it takes..... had to throw a little ode to NKOTB in honor of their reunion and well I thought it was fitting!

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