Friday, August 31, 2012

Packing List.....Labor Day Weekend!

South Hampton
Trying to finish before movie comes out!

Vintage Dress The Vintage Mistress Etsy

Melissa and Jason Wu Eco Flats

Handmade Cuff Asos Green Room

Clarks Botanicals Rachel Red

 Baggu Eco Fabulous Tote

Eco Hostess Gift Smells like your by the Sea :)


Mexican Dress Poker Vintage Etsy

Mondo Eco Sunnies

Stella McCartney Metallic faux leather and Cork Sandal

Eco Nails for the Beach

Olga Olsson Fair Trade Bikini

Sea Bag Upcycled Sail Tote

Block Island Organic Sunblock

Although they don't celebrate Labor Day here in Germany I wanted to put a list together none the less. I am blessed with such wonderful friends and I know if I was in New York I would be spending time between South Hampton at my bestie Kat's beautiful house and attempting to surf in Montauk with Jakob :)

Green Note: Save some trees and get your book on your Kindle or ipad the best thing about the ipad is most of the classics are free!

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