Friday, August 17, 2012

My Week in Vintage!

It has been a cool but sunny week and this is what I wore. Two skirts are repeats with different looks and I was lucky enough to have besties who are a) shopaholics and b) feel the need to purge their closets with me when it starts bursting at the seams!

The first outfit I wore the sweater I bought from Etsy for $25 I mention my lust  for it before here, the jeans are Marc Jacobs and a closet purge from my friend Dominique.

My toucan skirt which is what I like to call it because it has a parrot in the collage on the skirt, was 6 euros see different look here the grey Alexander Wang T Tank is from my other best friend Paula the sweater I bought for $20 on sale from Topshop

I paired the candy strip skirt (9 euros) with my vintage Disneyland t-shirt  and yes another closet purge from my other bestie Kim which I would like to say I am blessed to have such wonderful friends! Topped it off with my invaluable Topshop sweater. Find alternate look here.

Lastly if you cannot tell already I am a bit of a bun head so I cut my hair what do you think?

Have a Wonderful Weekend :)

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