Monday, August 27, 2012

Must Have Monday's..... Oxblood Red!

Butter La Moss $14

RGB Oxblood $16

Zoya Dakota $8

Priti Sympathy Rose $12.50

Ginger and Liz Guilty Pleasure $12

Fall is around the corner and I have fallen in love with the rich oxblood red I have seen in magazines and on the runway. Short manicured nails painted deep red are a fall must in my book and I am trying to switch over to eco friendly nail polishes. I have to say some of the polishes are very expensive but so is Chanel nail polish and if you are willing to splurge why not save the environment and yourself the toxins! Zoya is your best bet for affordability and a large selection. These are my eco friendly nail polish picks  for your perfect fall nail look!

Images via  Look Closer  Le Fashion Le Catch Sacramento Street Topshop

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