Friday, August 10, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday... Creamy Hues

 Last week I found myself rockin several different cream dresses, maybe it had to do with channeling the Fleur de Sel ice cream I have been waiting to have everyday only to be disappointed because it's NEVER there :(

Here are my Creamy Dreamy looks for the week. My cream dress with brown trim is my favorite go to boho summer look. I found this baby at Kensington Market in Toronto years and years ago. I reckon it was $20 or $30 I honestly can't remember sorry!

This was the dress I brought to Italy with me. I like to call this my sister wife dress, I really love the crochet trim but the length leaves something to be desired. To make myself feel better I call forth my inner Kate Bosworth (love her style) and rock the hell out of it like I'm at Cochella or strolling the streets of LA.

Le Sigh! I saw this sweet romantic dress on Ramona West, a vintage shop I admire but is now closing. When I first spotted this lovely it was $45 and with shipping I felt it was too much. Fast forward to their closing and slashing all their prices, Hallelujah! cuz I scored it for $25 and yes I did a little jig when I bought it.

Boots in all the pictures are from Steven and purses my vintage brow coach or fringe purse!

Lastly my vintage coup from two weekends ago (I'm inwardly screaming right now!) Vintage Celine silk skirt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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