Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green Seams Thursday....A Sustainable Closet!

The Reformation July Dress $235

The Reformation Artichoke Dress $215

The Reformation Nutmeg Dress $255

Single Green Female Coming Soon!

Amour Vert Cynthia Blk Dress Peace Silk $189

Missqa Pauline Dress $399

People Tree Miriam Blk Fleece Dress 65 pounds

People Tree Delphine Blk Dress 75 ponds
Making the transition to eco fashion is not an easy feat. There are only a handful of stores that offer great eco fashion meanwhile there is a wide range of talented eco friendly designers out there that create beautiful clothes. The best way to make this transition to a sustainable closet is with baby steps. I wanted to start with  the main staple every woman needs in here wardrobe,  the perfect Little Black Dress! I have carefully curated some sleek and playful looks from some of my favorite designers. Enjoy!

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Keith L. Jennings said...

The dresses here are really so stunning and awesome . Everyone must love the dresses here. The little black dress is so charming. Nice casual look.Thank you very much for your post...