Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eco Wedding Wednesday! With this Ring......

 As you can probably tell by now I absolutely heart all things vintage and that includes engagement rings. My go to spots for vintage engagement and eco rings are Etsy, Erstwhile Jewelry and Monique Pean Jewelry. She uses conflict free diamonds and recycled gold in her beautiful creations while supporting Charity Water which provides drinking water to at risk communities.   Here are some interesting facts I learned via Monique's interview on Martha Stewart weddings firstly it takes 20 tons of waste to produce one gold ring and secondly there is enough recycled gold in the world to create jewelry for the next 20 years. Wow! So the next time you are ring shopping think vintage conflict free diamond and recycled gold!

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Alisa said...

Thanks for the ♥!! We write about why vintage is the eco-friendly way to go on our site:

xo, Erstwhile