Friday, January 11, 2013

Frugal Fashionista Friday!

This is a throw back to fall while I sort through all of my pictures from Morocco. This was such a beautiful fall day, Michaela and I went to the Mauer Park flea market. I wore my vintage sweater 16 euros leopard scarf $10 I bought it on Broadway close to 34th street where they have those wholesale vendors. Red Pants I also bought on Broadway in Soho for $20 I try not to spend to much money on trends (colored jeans) because they go out of style quickly. Lastly my vintage gucci clutch I bought when I was in high school which was eons ago so I can't remember the price, I don't think it was to expensive though.

Looking forward to next week when I will be back to the regular schedule. Have a wonderful sustainable weekend :)

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