Monday, March 31, 2008

Wait! There's more!!

My daughters best friend in New York parent's own the best shop for dish wear in the city. I absolutely love love love Fishs Eddy and I am not saying this because they are friends if I didn't like I just wouldn't say anything! They go from city to city in the States and find discarded dishes and such from hotels going out of business etc but they also carry their own line of clever dishes that represent Manhattan, Brooklyn, down to your favorite dog. I absolutely adore their Milk glass cake stands in pastel colors they are my favorite and they have these new beautiful rose dishes that they found which I lust for! They are Located at 889 Broadway on the corner of 19th and Broadway. They are a dream come true for a single green gal cause they are affordable!
Visiting Fishs Eddy turned into they usual routine for my daughter and I and a nice trip down memory lane from our days of living in the nyc. We visited Barnes and Noble and the Farmer's Market in Union Square. We love going to Barnes and Noble because I go through all the magazines while my daughter looks for a book....hmmm that sounds ecofriendly. I of course dragged her to ABC Carpet and home, they had a wonderful ecofriendly display window. On the way home we found a fabulous vintage store Stella Dallas at 218 Thompson St. Despite the rain it was a really fun day.
My best friend kindly let us stay at her apartment during our stay and I have to say that Sullivan street is by far my favorite street in New York it's peaceful and filled with heaps of goodies for any green girl. They had this cute knitting shop Purl, a sweet quilting shop that I think is affiliated with the knit shop and a lovely organic coffee shop directly across the street aptly named Local.

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