Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Hour!

Last Friday my daughter's school spent the afternoon with no lights and tomorrow her schools Eco Team has sent home a double sided printed letter urging students to bring a waste-free lunch on Trash-free Tuesday they even offer a recipe for a waste-free lunch.
Yes Please: REUSABLE lunch carrier, REUSABLE container, REUSABLE drink bottles
Please Avoid: AVOID paper or plastic bags, AVOID single use cans bottles or cartons AVOID paper napkins. They even go further than that they explain how much waste the average student generates per school year 30kg and the average per school per year 8500kg while waste-free is just that waste free! They also give us some costs to MUNCH on: Waste-free lunch $2.65/and average day$13.25/week $477/school year mean while regular lunch $4.02/day, $20.10/week, $723.60/year.

Earth hour was a smashing success across the board and of course we also contributed! Lights out!

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