Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This n That! Recap

So to fill you in on my whirlwind life, I will share some pictures over the past few months. In May Jakob and I went to Greece and he surprised me with a proposal and this beautiful vintage ring. I found this quote on Pinterest and I feel that is the best way that I could describe Jakob besides saying he's so sweet all the time :) In July we found out we were expecting a sweet bundle of joy. September after a very rough first trimester I decided I needed to go visit my friends and eat lots of food I miss in NY and I loved every minute of it! While buying books I realized how I am totally at different ends of the spectrum for parenting aka starting fresh with a newborn and preparing my lovely daughter for college YIKEEEES! Lastly the goodies I couldn't resist bringing back with me! I look forward to sharing everything eco for the new babe and my adventures starting from scratch with a new baby while navigating college admissions with Michaela.

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