Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Must Have!

Firstly I  would like to express my deepest apology for abandoning you for the rest of the summer two major events happened in my life. First I got engaged Yay! and secondly I'm pregnant Yippeeeee! I was unfortunately very sick in my first trimester but I think I am back on track now to share with you sustainable fashion looks and hello the eco wedding I plan on having and the uber green nursery I am going to put together so look forward to some very exciting posts!

I am really loving how no white after Labour Day is a thing of the past. I love the romantic yet toughened up looks people have been putting together. Visit my shop for romantic white dresses!


Jans Schwester said...

I'm a friend of the expectant grandmother and when she told me that her son will become a father I was very pleased!
I wish you all the best and say hello to your fiancé!
Kerstin from Bamberg

Single Green Female said...

Thank you so much we are all very excited!