Friday, November 23, 2012

We Moved!!!

This is Our Guest Room that I'm going to pimp the heck out of!!!

Look at the details ahhhhh!

Mine and Jakob's Room work in progress

Michaela's Room still waiting for bed!

Michaela's Door Handle Loving the Detail!

Putting Pic's up in Michaela's Room

Jakob and his Dad building our Dining Table

Michaela helping out


First Breakfast in new Home

Painting my desk!

Getting ready to put office together

Office Storage

Almost Ready just need clothing rack for vintage clothes!

Last week we moved into an old Berlin style apartment in Kreuzberg aka really huge! The guest room use to be the maid's quarters crazy I know! I'm sorry posts have been limited but once we have our internet and house in order I will be back on the ball! Thanks for your patience xoxo

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