Friday, November 2, 2012

Frugal Fashionista Friday...Vintage Halloween!

Last Saturday Jakob and I went to a Halloween party at the Soho House. It was to say the least, a bit of a mission! Why you may ask? well Jakob doesn't like to dress up and coming from many years of Halloween in New York I was not havin it!!!! So we went on the hunt at first I wanted to be Cleopatra and Mark Anthony but Jakob was not to keen on wearing a skirt...humph! So it was plan B we went to probably the only Halloween shop in Berlin and Jakob found the devil mask. Michaela suggested he wear it with a suit (I gather to be devilishly handsome) and I was set on being an angel but realized there wasn't very much white in my wardrobe so I opted to be the devil's minion, which is way more fun! Here is the vintage goodies I added to my wardrobe! 

The vintage belt was a closet purge from my bestie Paula, shiny YSL tights I found at Humana for 16 euros I put an American Apparel bodysuit bottom I cut over the tights and wore my Zara heels I bought at the flea market for 10 euros and voila there you have the devil's minion!

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