Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Baaaaacccckkkkk!

From my wonderful but hectic holiday in New York and off once again for a four day job in Milan. Thank G because the weather in Berlin simply sucks!!!! I'm using some old pictures I took before I left and when the weather was acceptable in Berlin.

My favorite summer go to look is the crop top with a high waist skirt, ever since I saw it on Dree Hemingway at Coachella I have been completely enamored. I had spotted this skirt at my local thrift store but passed it over for some other cute looks. On my next visit to my favorite thrift spot I found this cute crop top and matched it with the skirt and voila I had my summer crop top look. The skirt was 9 euros and the top was 8 euros.

Last month before I left for New York I knew I was going to my friend Ben's annual Fourth of July Shark Attack Party in Montauk so I was aiming for the boho chic look. I found this floral dress for a mere pittance 10 euros to be exact and I love it. At the Party I paired it with my vintage crochet wrap I bought for 6 euros and danced the night away with Jakob. The photo was taken from the party!

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