Monday, June 11, 2012

Must Have Monday Garden Party!

Roses at the entrance

Wild Strawberries

Raspberries I picked and of course ate :)

Entering the Secret Garden

Lavender in the Garden

Bouquet I made and brought back to Berlin (5hrs later) yes they survived!

Friends Garden

 Please excuse my boyfriends finger....

Garden Next Door so cute!!!

 It was a very busy week for me last week but I am back and ready to rumble! This weekend my boyfriend and I visited his mother, they both hail from the small quaint town of Bamberg it an absolutely charming place I love it! I have generally visited during the colder months so I was pleasantly surprised to find, what I like to call the Secret Garden. I knew the garden was there but I did not know it was so big, my green thumb was twitching especially since the success of my garden (note to self have to post my blooming petunias they are gorgeous). I also had the pleasure of visiting their friends garden and stole a picture of the neighbours  adorable back yard.

So for my must have list this week I think the Urban Farm book would be perfect!

Green Note: I was just on the Free People blog and they had a post on How To Be A Natural Beauty by using some of your herbs such as Mint and Rosemary from your herb garden. I am so trying the lavender face steam with the lavender I picked from the garden!

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