Monday, April 7, 2008 easy as 123!!

Teaching your little one their ABC's just became a whole lot greener and very exciting. I found two great ideas on my favorite website ecofabulous. Something Old and Something New! Remember those wooden alphabet blocks you had as a kid well now they are sustainable. Carved out of basswood and printed with non-toxic ink, the Uncle Goose Alphabet blocks work hard to minimize waste in production and packaging while following strident guidelines. What's the coolest thing every toddler today is rockin in the playground? T-Shirts with sayings that they most likely can't read, so now why not teach them their abc's with brilliant Alphabet Project T-Shirts. Available in 100% certified organic cotton with animals that match the featured letter and packaged in biodegradable green film bags. This spring your baby or toddler will be the hit of the playground set!

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